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Hello Stefan

If you are a coder, then you could go this way.
If/when you have something useful, please share it with us - either via the code or/and via a link to your calendar.

For those of us, that want it to be easy when upgrading ( using the standard solution) , and therefore want an extremely flexible solution where most things can be solved via settings, then I think that in the near future, we will be able to use the display also for login, and for letting the display use the credentials for the user, and eventually create/edit events from/via the display.

This could be a great enhancement for using the calendar on mobile devices.

This summer, it has been hot here in Europe - so is the calendar.


Thanks Roel,

so I know, where to look - great!


Hi Stefan,

In the calendar's index.php file the function "isMobile" is called and the return value is stored in the variable $isMob. The return values can be: 0: not mobile, 1: mobile tablet, or 2: mobile small display.
So if you do a global search with "$isMob" through all calendar files you will find the places where measures are taken to make the calendar more responsive.
(Just in case: To do global text searches, you could use the free application TextCrawler)


Hello Stefan

The displays is mostly meant for public view, but you can have/make a display that only show events for one or more users.
You can filter on groups, categories, users and  venue ( case-insensitive text string for venue ).
Private events should not be shown in the display.

There is a lot of functionality in the calendar and a mobile could be very small, but even then it can be used on a mobile.
If you set up the calendar with only the Options buttons to the left, and the login and hamburger to the right, then the calendar should be fully adaptive -  and then the calendar uses the users priviligees, and users can create events. You can do the same things on a mobile as on a desktop.
But you have to have your settings then, so it fits to mobile view.
There is no viewports regarding the settings - but in the new version, most of the  the buttons to the right is made as a hamburger.
Maybe Roel could tell some more about this.


Thanks for your reply!
I allready know about the displays and that they are very flexible in showing data from the calendar. But I am not sure about the user rights within displays.
What if I want to show some users even non-public events and what if I want users to have the possibility to add and edit events on their mobile. Even if this is possible with displays, I would have to do a lot of user-right-logic within the code of the display - or not?
So - for me it seems to be easier to use the calendar itself with all its possibilities and change it via css and other techniks to look good on mobile.
But in order to do this, it would be great to know for sure, what happens, when luxcal recognises a mobile user agent.

Thanks again and greetings!


The displays is optimized for mobiles. You could have a link on your mobile - no need to install an app. This way you can have the calendar in your pocket.
I have another example for a display here :

The images is made clickable. This is a great way to present data from the calendar.
Try some of the links on a mobile.

Hope you are inspired by this.


Hello Stefan

It is not certain, that the calendars linked to, is the most up-to-date.
In the navigation bar, many of the buttons are now put in a hamburger-menu.

If you want to see the calendar used as example, you could use this link :

If you want to administer the calendar it could be done from a mobile, but the best here will be to use a tablet or a desktop.

The best way to present the calendar on a mobile device, is to use one of the displays.

You can see the same calendar in a display here :
And another here :


Hey, I tried some calendars linked under  "Show off" in this forum. But they don't really look good on really small devices.
So I would like to know, what really is changed, when the user agent function detects a mobile device - and perhaps in which files I can find these changings.
Would be great! Thanks