Topic: LuxCal 4.7.0 - No thumbnails visible after upgrading

There is a flaw in the upgrade script. In the upgrade script the thumbnail privileges in the user groups are not initialized. The result is that, when upgrading, all existing user groups in the database have the Thumbnail privileges set to a non-existing value, which results in no privileges at all.

- Go to the admin's User Groups page. A number of PHP notices will be displayed. Ignore these messages.
- Edit each user group and set the Thumbnail privilege to one of the values from the drop-down menu.
That's all.
After going through the steps above, there are no further adverse effects on the functioning of the calendar itself.

Only the upgrade script has this flaw; new installations are fine.


Re: LuxCal 4.7.0 - No thumbnails visible after upgrading

Hi Roel,
i have updated from 4.4.0 to 4.7.5 and edit the Thumbnail privilege like your solution.
the thumbnails are only visible in the mouseover, not in the month view.

in the new thumbnails menu all my thumbs listened in "Other thumbnails",
the "Your thumbnails" is empty.

what can i do to bring back my thumbnails to the month view?

thanks 4 help!


Re: LuxCal 4.7.0 - No thumbnails visible after upgrading

Hello Daric

In the 4.7.5 there is a setting ( views ) in settings (for thumbnails).

Show images in month view __

If this is checked then the images will be shown in month view. Nothing will be shown when hovering.
If unchecked then images will not be shown - but will be shown when event is hovered.

All your "old" thumbnails or manually uploaded thumbnails  is treated as "other thumbnails" in the new thumbnails routine.
If you in the routine upload new thumbnails , then the system will know what user uploaded the thumbnails, and will then treat the thumbnails according to the rules set up for the user.

Hope this is helpful for you

Re: LuxCal 4.7.0 - No thumbnails visible after upgrading

Thank you very much, that's it.

It was not clear in the German translation, the word "thumbnails" is missing at this option. so I had not found this option.

now it works fine, thanks!