Topic: LuxCal 4.7.3 - MySQL and SQLite - released 11 November 2018


This new LuxCal version 4.7.3 contains several improvements and fixes a number of bug.
Most important new feature:
• Add/edit event window with only the minimum required fields (title, venue, category, date and time).
Hereafter you will find a full summary of all changes since LuxCal version 4.7.2.

As usual this new release has been tested with the help of the experienced beta tester John from Denmark!

New features/Improvements
• To better facilitate adding/editing of rather simple events (title, venue, category, date and time), the admin can specify on the Settings page to initially show an add/edit event window with only the minimum required fields. The user can expand this reduced event window by selecting a plus-sign in the left lower corner.
• On the admin's Settings page the validation of the recipients list for calendar change notifications has been removed, so that now email addresses, user names, mobile numbers and recipients lists can be used. The Settings page help text has been updated accordingly.

Technical issues
• To avoid PHP warnings, the default timezone is now set at the start of the installation script.
• The backup and restore functions have been made more versatile and better interchangeable between MySQL and SQLite.
• The check to determine if a user is allowed to edit the event has been simplified and is now done at one location.
• In the installation script, the '_' character was allowed in the calendar name/title pairs. This character however causes problems when it is used as PHP session ID suffix. So now the allowed characters for the calendar name are A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and -.
• Setting names recipList and chgEmailList changed to chgRecipList and chgSumRecips respectively (the lists can contain email address, SMS numbers, user names and recipients list names).
• When sending a test mail from the Settings page failed, this was not reported in the feed-back line at the top of the page.

Bug fixes
• The way to find the calendars in use, based on finding the intersection of MySQL database tables names in the format xxxx_groups and xxxx_styles has been changed to xxxx_events and
    xxxx_settings. The tables groups and styles are not present in earlier calendar versions.
• The Ajax scripts to toggle the check mark of to-do events and to remove event attachments did not work anymore after the PHP session cookie mechanism has been improved.
• On the Users page, when adding a new user, in the user interface language drop-down menu, the default selected language was not set to the calendar's default language.
• The text "event overlap; select an other time" in the files ai{lang}.php has been replaced by "event overlap - select an other time". On some servers the semicolon (;) in this text corrupted the Add New Category form. In the field "Error message, if overlap" semicolons are now replaced automatically by a space followed by a hyphen.
• When adding or editing an event, in the Event window adding a mailto link directly after an image link resulted in a corrupted mailto link.
• When upgrading from LuxCal 3.2 an SQL error occurred because the a_datetime and m_datetime fields were not truncated to 16 characters (dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm) when they are copied to the new aDateTime and mDateTime fields.
• A problem in the evtcheck.php and detach.php scripts when retrieving the ID of the active calendar blocked the checking/unchecking of the check box of Todo events, after the PHP session expired.
• Users in the user group "Post All" could edit all events, but could not check/uncheck the Todo check box of events created by other users.