Topic: LuxCal all versions - Unable to log into the calendar

Remember that when you are successfully logged into the calendar, your username is shown in the right upper corner of the calendar.

When you log in and get no error message, but effectively the log in was not successful (your username does not show in the right upper corner), then most probably the session mechanism of the PHP installation on your server is not working.

If the PHP sessions are not working, there can be several reasons . . .
• In the PHP installation the sessions are disabled. This normally is never the case.
• In the PHP installation the "session.save_path" is incorrect or blank. This is most of the time the problem.

You can check the PHP sessions installation by launching with your browser the phpinfo.php file (part of the file). In calendar versions 4.6 and greater, you can open the admin's Settings page and at the top of the page right next to the PHP version number select "Show Info" .
This will show a page with all PHP installation settings. If on this page you search for "sessions", you will find the Sessions section and close to the end of this section you can see if the "session.save_path" has been specified.
Normally you can specify this path in the php.ini file on your server (or ask your ISP to specify a valid path). A good educated guess for a valid session.save_path would be "/tmp".

Re: LuxCal all versions - Unable to log into the calendar

Roel - I just installed 4.7.3 to a db that I deleted everything, and did a clean install.  When I click on login, the icon depresses, but nothing happens.  Same thing with trying to change months.  I click on the arrow, nothing.  The only thing that works is the calendar icon.  It opens, and I can scroll through the dates, but the calendar does not change.

I am running 4.5.2M on another site and it works fine.

Any ideas?


Re: LuxCal all versions - Unable to log into the calendar

Hi Bob,

That's hard to tell. This is the first time I hear about this.
Could you send me a link to your calendar, so that I can try this for myself.


Re: LuxCal all versions - Unable to log into the calendar

Bob, I'm wondering if for some reason files didn't get uploaded properly. Since it was a clean install try deleting everything and doing a clean install again.


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