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I want to display the calendar in two places on my website. One public, One for members only. The difference between the two is that the members only view of the calendar will include events that are only available to members.

Members sign into the members area using Sitelok (from Vibralogix).

I know you can use single sign on (although I've never got that to work), but I don't really want to create calendar accounts for all members anyway. All I want to do is give full read only access (all calendar entries) to members signed into the members area and limited read only access to the public on the public pages.

Any ideas?

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Re: Single Sign On

Hello jwrw

You can in usergroup specify credetials for each category ( or all ). You can specify if users are allowed to create/add events and/or allowed to view events.

But this is of course dependent on, if you are logged into the calendar or not.

If you use the displaym you can have a display that shows some categories from the calendar and this display could be set up to be shown on the public pages. Then you could have a copy of the same display to be set up for the logged in area, and in this display could be added some more catagories to be displayed.

You can also have some selections set on the calendar in the public area ( via parameters ) and some other parameters on the calendar set up in the logged-in area. ( the parameters for the calendar will be as if you initially had selected in the options-button). You should therefore maybe remove the options for the public calendar.

Re: Single Sign On

Most of the members don't need access to make changes to the calendar and so I don't really want to give them calendar accounts that have read only access. My idea was to have a read only access account hard coded so that everyone logging into the Members Area would be logged into the calendar with the same read only account and thus see everything, including members only events. I should say that Members only events are a category that is not visible to Public Access. This sounded good, but it relies on two things -

1) That I could get Single Sign On to work (which I have not been able to do with Sitelok)
2) That I could substitute the <user email> variable with a fixed value

As the the first point is reliant on the second I haven't tried a fixed value yet. I've got the support team for Sitelok working on the SSO issue.

I suppose the question is, if I get SSO working with Sitelok, is it possible to provide a fixed value for lcuser instead of a variable?

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Re: Single Sign On

Sitelok support have provided me with a solution to single sign on between Sitelok and LuxCal. Basically, the code in the admin page of LuxCal should not be used. Instead the following code needs to be entered into Sitelok eventhandler.php file:

function sl_onLogin($data)
$_SESSION['lcUser'] = $data['email'];

They also wondered whether a way could be devised of automatically adding users to LuxCal when they are created in Sitelok. Interesting idea.

Re: Single Sign On

Yes, that could be interesting.
This would need a bit of development from our side, in particular to make sure that integrity of the calendar is not at stake.

Could you give me a contact at Sitelok (email address) who would be interested to work with us on this feature?