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Topic: Hide Options Button?

The default buttons to switch between Year - Day view are all that's needed by my users when in "Public Access" mode and the Options button just reveals options that will make little sense and confuse them.

Is there any way to hide the "Options" button until logged in?

Am I missing something or should I post this request in "Suggestions" area?

Re: Hide Options Button?

Hello NorfolkGreg

You can uncheck all options for the "Options button" - then the button will not be shown.

You can still choose which view should be used when specifying this as a parameter for the calendar, or set the views as buttons.

But also for a logged in user, the button "Options" will be "gone".

Re: Hide Options Button?

I don't know if you missed something, but if you wish the button"Options" to be hidden for public users and shown for logged in users, then I think you should post this in the suggestion area.

Re: Hide Options Button?

I expect very few of my audience to be any other than "Public Access" viewers who will only need simple Year, Month and Day views of all events.

Thanks for the confirmation that clearing the "Options" check box will lose it from all users. Clearly, it offer important options for those with responsibility for maintaining parts of the calendar. I wouldn't want to lose it for all.

I'll make that suggestion!