Topic: LuxCal 3.2.3 or lower - If all events show an end time of 3:00am

This issue only applies to LuxCal versions 3.2.3 or lower; so if you upgraded to LuxCal v4 or greater there is no problem.

If all your events all of a sudden show an end time of 3:00, then most probably your ISP upgraded the MySQL software on your server.

The problem can easily be solved by applying the following change to the files "common/retrieve.php" and "common/retrieve2.php":
Change retrieve.php - lines 61 - 62 and retrieve2.php - lines 50 - 51 from . . .

     DATE_FORMAT(e.s_time,'%H:%i') AS sti,
     DATE_FORMAT(e.e_time,'%H:%i') AS eti,

to . . .

     SUBSTR(e.s_time,1,5) AS sti,
     SUBSTR(e.e_time,1,5) AS eti,

This change can be applied at any time, even if the problem doesn't show up (yet) in your calendar.