Topic: LuxCal 4.6.1 - MySQL and SQLite - released 2018-04-24

This new LuxCal version 4.6.1 has a few important new features and has some technical issues and bugs fixes.
Hereafter you will find a full summary of all changes since LuxCal version 4.6.0 . . .

This new release was tested with the help of the best beta tester of the universe: John from Denmark!

New features/Improvements
• A contact button has been added to the navigation bar, which opens a Contact page which can be used to send a message to the calendar administrator. When  a contact message is sent, the user will receive a confirmation message. This feature can be enabled / disable on the admin's Settings page in the section Navigation Bar.
• It is now possible to add a logo image with a maximum height and width of 70px to the left upper corner of the calendar. The logo image file should be loaded to the server and it can be activated on the admin's Settings page, in the General section, by specifying the path to the logo file. If a URL back link has been specified as well, the logo will become the back link.
• The layout of all email messages send by the calendar have been standardized and embellished. If a logo (see above) has been activated on the Settings page, it will also appear in the left upper corner of all email messages.

Technical issues
• To show the PHP installation details, the PHPinfo page can now be started via the admin's Settings page in the general section, under versions. This makes the phpinfo.php file in the LuxCal toolbox redundant.
• On the admin's Settings page, a validation check has been added for the specified time zone. In the past entering an invalid time zone resulted in many warning messages.
• The isMobile function uses the user-agent string. Because this string is not always supplied a test has been added to check it's presence.
• Function calBaseUrl could not be used from the script lcalcron.php and has been replaced by the function calRootUrl.
• Several discrepancies solved in the administrator interface texts.

Bug fixes
• Due to a bug, for users without administrator rights the Options panel button was not displayed. Solved.
• Problem in the email validation patterns which makes the validation of mail addresses ending on .xxx.yyy, like, and addresses with hyphens, like, fail. All email validation patterns have been improved to cope with more dots and with hyphens in the domain part of the email address.
• For the MySQL version only: when editing one occurrence of a multi-day or repeating event, the retrieval of the event ID of the new event failed. So when the user saved the new event without closing the Event window and then tried to edit the still displayed event, it failed. Solved by using function dbLastRowId() of the toolboxd.php to get the ID of the last inserted event.