Topic: LuxCal 4.6.0 - MySQL and SQLite: Released: 2018.02.20

This new LuxCal version 4.6.0 has a few important new features, a number of improvements, some technical issues and some bug fixes..
Hereafter you will find a full summary of all changes since LuxCal version 4.5.2 . . .

This new release was tested with the help of the best beta tester of the universe: John from Denmark!

New features/Improvements
• If the administrator has set up and enabled the SMS service on the Settings, when adding / editing events, in addition to sending email notifications, users can now also send SMS notifications. Per user group the sending of SMS notifications can be enabled or disabled.
• A mailto:-link feature has been added. Mailto:-links can be enabled/disabled for month view on the Settings page and, when enabled, an email address in one of the event description fields will result in a mailto:-hyper link in month view. The hyper link will also appear in other views. The format of the email address in the event description field is the same as for URL links: xxx@yyyy.ZZZ [title].
• A new option has been added to the Settings page, under General, to send an email notification message of calendar changes to a list of recipients.
• When adding an event, in the Event window, the  default value of the recipients list for notification messages is the email address of the event owner. A new setting has been added to the Settings page in the section Reminders to change this default value by a list of recipients specified by the administrator.
• The options panel can now be opened by either clicking the Options button or an empty part of the navigation bar. It can be closed by clicking either the Done button, the header of the options panel or an empty part of the navigation bar.
• For multi-day and repeating events the event window asking if you want to edit the series or the occurrence now shows the event title, venue, description and extra fields.
• When enabled on the Settings page, week numbers will be displayed in the header of the matrix(C) view. Week numbers will follow the ISO-8601 standard: weeks are starting on Monday.
• Via the Users page, the administrator can now also specify/edit the user interface language for each user account.
• To protect the admin from accidentally pressing the Delete button, for the User Groups page, the Users page and the Categories page, by default, the Delete buttons are hidden. One additional button has been added to make the Delete buttons visible.
• The logging feature of the calendar has been improved. Events are now logged with three different categories: errors, warnings and notices. Error messages are always logged; logging of warnings and notices can each be enabled/disabled on the Settings page.
• As long as the calendar is open, when a page is closed, the last y-scroll value of that page is saved. Whenever the page is re-opened, it will scroll to the last saved y-scroll value.
• Apart from the LuxCal calendar version, the top of the settings page now also shows the PHP version and the database version in use.
• The backward/forward arrows have been made 40 pixels wide, to make it easier to select them.
• The help explanation (?) for the description fields in the event window has been split in general, images, mailto-links and URL-links. Now only explanations will be shown of items enabled on the Settings page.

Technical issues
• When sending mails, the transliteration is removed from the subject field.
• Improved layout of the multi-day event window. '<br>' moved.
• All submit buttons, using <input>-tags have been replaced by <button>-tags. This results in a simplification of the code and a more consistent styling of all buttons.
• When generating the list of attachment links, the href-attachment name is now rawurlencoded, to cope with possible spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters in the attachment file name.
• Unused events table field 'type' removed from the retrieve function.
• In the Event window, to save space, the text "(help)" has been replaced by "(?)"
• From the recipients list for notifications of calendar changes hyphens (-) were removed and back slashes were not removed. This has been changed; only the characters space, '', '<' and '>' are now removed.
• The form name in the edit Category form removed. It was not used and therefore redundant.
• If not empty, the content of the variable $testout will be shown in the footer bar of the calendar. Only used for test purposes, to display possible test data.

Bug fixes
• Email reminders will not be sent for the suppressed occurrences of recurring events.
• Due to a bug, multi-day recurring events didn't show correctly in upcoming view.
• In month view, the text color of the month name on the first day of the month did was not set according to the color selected in the theme.
• The regex $rxCalURL did not accept "localhost" or ip-address  followed by the TCP port (e.g localhost:80). Solved.
• If in the Event window an error message is displayed (e.g. No start date) and the error is corrected and thereafter the Add or Edit button is pressed, a "Not Permitted" message was displayed. Solved.
• The header text color in the Options panel was not set according to the "bars, headers and rulers" color selected in the theme.
• Just below the category overview list a "Delete" button was accidentally displayed. This button has been removed.
• The regex to recognize URLs removed the dot for the top level domain if the URL ended with a slash (/). Solved, regex simplified.
• In the exported .ics files, just after the "@", the string "http(s)://" has been removed from the UID. This string caused
    problems for some receiving applications.
• Via SSO deleted users could still log in. This has been fixed and is not possible any more.
• Bug in replicate feature solved. When in the input file one of the letters y or z were used in the database table name prefix, then no entries were duplicated.