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I have LuxCal installed on an internal site, and it's great! Thanks very much for providing this package.

A minor problem: I'm unable to get the Single-Sign-On part of Luxcal working. I have a simple test php page with:

$_SESSION['lcUser'] = 'joe';

echo "Logged in as ", $_SESSION['lcUser'];

echo "
<iframe id=\"luxcal\" src=\"/test/luxcal/?cP=2\"></iframe>
and on the webpage I see:
'Logged in as joe'
but the calendar still has the 'Log in' button, and requires logging in to make any changes.

What am I missing? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hello susanc

Your code is nearly OK.
Instead of the name, you have to use a mail


$_SESSION['lcUser'] = 'joe';

could be $_SESSION['lcUser'] = '';

Then it should function


And - just a suggestion :

Instead of :

echo "
<iframe id=\"luxcal\" src=\"/test/luxcal/?cP=2\"></iframe>

Then use one line and specify height and width ( easier to see the logged in name ):

echo '<li><iframe id="luxcal" src="/test/luxcal/?cP=2" width="700" height="850" scrolling="yes" style="overflow:hidden; margin-top:-4px; margin-left:-4px; border:none;"></iframe></li>';


Thanks so much for your response. Unfortunately, I'm still having the problem with the SSO, even after changing the $_SESSION['lcUser'] value to an email address.

$_SESSION['lcUser'] = '';

The page reports 'Logged in as', the calendar looks great, but still has the 'Log In' button. After I log in as '', everything functions fine and I can add and delete events correctly.

It's not a deal-breaker, since I still really like the calendar. But it would be a convenience to have the single-sign-on working.

So any other ideas or suggestions would be welcome smile



I have tested it myself and for me it functions.

Just to make it clear :

You have created  a user:   BRIAN

This user has an email :

Then you use :  $_SESSION['lcUser'] = '';

And you should see the calendar where user BRIAN is logged in.

I have placed my script in my calendars root.

When you place the script in the root, the iframe could be something like this :

echo '<li><iframe id="luxcal" src="index.php?cP=2" width="600" height="800" scrolling="yes" style="overflow:hidden; margin-top:-4px; margin-left:-4px; border:none;"></iframe></li>';

Sorry - it is the same idea but I know it should function.


Everything looks right, and functions correctly, exactly as you describe, except this one little piece of the authentication being passed on from the $_SESSION['lcUser'] variable.

Perhaps it's something unusual about the way our webserver or php installation is set up. I'll poke around some more and let you know if I come up with something.

Thanks for the info you provided.


Be aware that after the first post in this thread, there has been new releases.

Please read the documentation for the release you have installed - there could have been changes for the SSO.