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You found it, I will kill it!


Hi Roel,

It's an area of the program I hadn't tested, so thanks for the clarification.

It seems my question prompted the discovery of a bug, so I guess I should be pleased about that! I'm all for killing bugs! smile


Hi Greg,

Ah, yes, I didn't read your question properly. Sorry for that.
I had to look into the code to find the correct answer to your question.
For events that have to be approved, but have not been approved yet, reminder emails are not sent. This however, needs some further clarification:
If the owner, when adding the event, specifies to send an email reminder let's say 7 days before the due date of the event, and the event is only approved 6 days before the due date, The reminder will not be sent at all anymore, because the 7 days have past and the calendar does not keep track of what reminders have or haven't been sent. So it is the owner's responsibility to defer sending reminders until after the approval date.
What I discovered, when browsing the code, is that if the owner in the Event window checks the "send email Now" box, the email is sent even though the event has not been approved yet. This is wrong! Without approval, the owner should not be able to send any announcement or reminder. So I will change this in the next calendar version (which will be released early 2019).



Hi Roel,
Thanks Roel. While your reply tells me about the approval system unfortunately it doesn't answer my question.

At what point are emails to be sent now released? On creation, so that colleagues of person creating an event know he has applied for the booking or on approval by a manager, so that all may see it?



Hi Greg,

If for a certain event category the "Events need approval" checkbox has been checked, it means that the individual events created in this category, will only be visible to the owner of the event and to users with at least Manager rights, until the event has been approved. Once approved the event will be visible for all users. Only users with at least Manager rights can approve "to-be-approved" events.

Hope this helps,


If a Category of event needs approval, does that mean any emails announcing the event are held until approval is given?