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Dan wrote:

Perhaps a compromise. Since the "Address" button will also produce a map have the button label be "Address / Map"

Then we're agreed - that's why I proposed it 'as an option' - options are always a plus smile



Keep in mind any hacks that you or anyone else makes, unless Roel decides to incorporate them into LuxCal, you will need to make them any time you upgrade to a newer version.

You don't need to click the button to see the address. Just hover over the "Address" button and it is revealed.

Personally I find the way it is works fine for me. If I hover over the "Address" button it shows the address. If I know where the address is I don't need to see it on the map. If while I hover over the button and don't know where the address is a click of the button brings it up on the map.

Perhaps a compromise. Since the "Address" button will also produce a map have the button label be "Address / Map"



I can confirm it works like charm with both coordinates and adresses - it simply feeds google maps the search sentence and it tries to find the best fit. It actually replaced out job order system in company because this is SO MUCH MORE common sense. our drivers love the calendar -> map integration


I can report that this is indeed useful, thanks for adding it!

Personally I've hacked a line of code so that the button now says 'Map', rather than 'Address' - because I write out the address once so there's no need to press a button to see it, then repeat the address between the exclamation marks for search purposes. Might be useful inbuilt as an option for others?


Sounds useful; will look out for that too!


Hi Roel,

I look forward to seeing V4.7.4 early next year.

Best regards,


Hi Dan,
Thanks for this suggestion.
As a matter of fact I have already produced something similar for the next release of V4.7.4 wink (This new version will be released early 2019).
In this new version in the Venue field one can put - as part of the field - the actual address between !-marks. If done so, in all calendar views the address will be shown as a button. When hovering this button, the textual address will be shown and when clicking the button, a new page will open where Google maps will show the address on the map.

What I like very much about your suggestion is to let the admin choose whether Google maps, OpenStreeMap, or an other map viewer will open. So I will add a field to the admin's Settings page, where the admin can specify the "map site" that should open when the user clicks the Address button.

Best regards,


There is the Venue title. The location address might be put there or in the description.

I know we have to blank fields but they are further down. Perhaps right below the Venue have a field for the address. This would be of benefit for those not using LuxCal as personal Calendar that might know where the location is.

To take it a step further a button link to the right of the field that says "Map". When clicked the address field is passed to Google Maps showing the location.

If done this way it doesn't require a Developer's API which would could cost money but is a simple link to Google Maps. As alternative to Google Maps, Open Street Map could be used.