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Calendar Displays

Since LuxCal version 4.5.1 a number of so called "displays" have been developed for the calendar. A display in this context is a single-file program, showing an Upcoming Events listing. This listing can be embedded in your web page using an inline frame (<iframe>), presenting upcoming events in an attractive user interface. Displays can also be viewed on mobile devices showing upcoming events in a fancy user interface without the overhead of headers, bars and buttons.

Embedding a display in your web page is very easy. Displays work out of the box and each display program file has an easy to use configuration section, which allows you to specify which events and event fields should be shown and to tailor the user interface colors and text. Displays use some of the calendar settings, like time format, first day of the week.

Below you will see a demonstration of the displays which are currently available. Since LuxCal V4.7.8 the available displays are included in the calendar zip-file. More displays may follow in the future. Any suggestions? Let us know!

For more examples and further inspiration have a look at the Calendarforum Website and get your QR-code scanner ready!

Currently available Displays

Display1 is an easy to use and easy to tailor Upcoming Events calendar. It is suitable for narrow width windows or displays, like integration in a page of your website, using an iframe.

• a log in feature to distinguish between not logged in visitors and logged in visitors. See the Log In button at the top right corner of the display.
• Images in extra field 1 are floated left and images in extra field 2 are floated right. If in the same extra fields 1 or 2 a URL is found, then the corresponding image will become a hyperlink to this URL.

You can add events by clicking a date and you can edit an event by clicking its title. In the demo calendar below you can only edit events added by yourself.


Display2 has been designed for limited-width devices or iframes. If you enter one of the following URLs in the browser of your smart phone, you can see what it looks like without the overhead of the bells and whistles of the parent page: and

You can add events by clicking a date and you can edit an event by clicking its title.


Display3 has been specially designed for narrow-width mobile devices. The displayed event data uses the full width of the screen. You can check this display3 out on your smart phone by using one of the following URLs:, or

You can add events by clicking a date and you can edit an event by clicking its title.

mini calendar (display0)

The one month interactive mini calendar shown on the LuxCal Demo page has been converted into a display with a much more flexible user interface styling. Like the other displays it is self-contained; the styles and settings are specified in the header part of the file.

Like in the full-size calendar, hovering over events (squares) will trigger a popup box with the specified event details.

When enabled, visitors can add, edit and delete events without opening the full-size calendar, which makes it a powerful interactive tool.

In this demonstration mini calendar event posting is enabled. You can add events by clicking the top bar in the day cells and you can edit and delete events by clicking the event square. Try it! Once you have added, edited or deleted an event, the change will be reflected directly in the mini calendar.

In the footer of the calendar RSS feeds are available and when a visitor selected "previous month" or "next month", a hyperlink to today's month will appear.