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LuxCal can be downloaded on various freeware web sites. On this page however, you can always download the latest LuxCal calendar versions.

The LuxCal calendar is available in two flavours:

Both versions have exactly the same functionality.


The installation instructions can be
found in the installation_guide.html

This new LuxCal version 5.3.2 is a bug-fix release of version 5.3.1 which comprises various new features (emoji picker, Telegram notifications and more), technical improvements (less db accesses, faster loading, etc.) and bug fixes.


See LuxCal Forum "What's New" for a summary of all changes for this LuxCal version.

Download Language Packs

We will highly appreciate if you send us a copy of new translations and/or updates, so that we can make them available to other users.

Please note that language packs are made for a specific LuxCal version.

The LuxCal calendar downloads include all language packs. Language pack updates since LuxCal V5.3.2 can be downloaded via the links below.

Updated Language Packs:

LuxCal Version History

For a detailed change log of previous LuxCal versions and the planned changes for the next version, please check out the LuxCal Forum: What's New.

The table below shows for each LuxCal main release the version number, the initial release date (enclosed in brackets), the most important changes and the number of downloads from the LuxSoft website

VersionMost important changesDownloads
M / L
5.3X (2024.03.17)Emoji picker / email, SMS, Telegram notifications (user's choice) / notifications per category / navigation bar more responsive / faster load times / login logo481 / 333
5.2X (2022.01.15)Vulnerabilities solved / 'no time' checkbox / Cleanup page / predefined venues and event description / scrollbar in day cell / transfer events to new user / Drag & Drop feature / About2259 / 1399
5.1X (2020.12.01)No more 'PHP session expired' messages / rolling events / full width title line hyper link / flexible subcategories / day marking3514 / 1855
4.7X (2018.06.18)Thumbnails page / side menu / user profile import/export / visit counter / address button / overlap check recurring events / side panel4515 / 3242
4.6X (2018.02.20)SMS service / mailto:-links / open options panel via nav bar/ email calendar changes / enable logging / contact page / calendar logo4069 / 2334
4.5X (2016.08.27)Matrix view(u) / subcategories / GET -> POST params / jscolor / cats to view & edit / context sensitive help / styles page / 'displays'6303 / 4196
4.4X (2016.03.01)Attachments / matrix view(c) / view buttons / send mail 0 / (un)check via ajax / admin can specify cron host / more sexy week/day view4131 / 2550
4.3X (2015.12.06)Booking functionality / images in views / new category, group settings / flexible restore / toolbox overhaul / upgrade overhaul2151 / 1488
4.2M (2015.10.06)MySQL PDO / user groups / day color / images in days cells / text 1 & 2 admin only / not appr. events visible to owner / mails to Bcc1792
4.2L (2015.05.18)Day can take event color / not approved events visible to owner / alignment with MySQL version / log in time-out set to 5 mins1230
4.1L (2014.08.15)SQLite database / user groups / CSRF vulnerability solved / many improvements4516
3.2M (2013.12.23)Two extra event fields / flex event layout / manager: user accounts + event cats / restore function / user config restored when revisiting445
3.1M (2013.05.31)Multiple calendars / propose/approve events / manager rights / new toolbox / new install/upgrade scripts / SMTP mail5581
2.7M (2012.08.01)HTML5 / new "view-only" event window / stand-alone sidebar / automatic deletion of expired events / mini-cal work-month / SSO9520
2.6M (2012.01.01)Text search added / settings moved to db and db credentials encrypted / two event check boxes / two new views6640
2.5M (2011.07.11)Single occurrences of repeating events editable / security hole closed / user interface simplified (options panel)7542
2.4M (2011.03.20)Scroll bars revised / mini calendar and side bar added / user interface improved / V2.4.2: stability/bug fix release4312
2.3M (2010.11.15)User login data logged / admin database page added / new languages / RSS feeds improved3057
2.2M (2010.08.26)Stability/bug fix release: scripts/css scrutinized, PHP E_Notices resolved1877
2.1M (2010.07.31)Import & export of iCalendar files / log in page improved with user self-registration / RSS feeds2130
2.0M (2010.05.30)Enhanced repeat function / language selectable / changes view added / print buttons on upcoming events page / Database simplified1682
1.8M (2010.03.28)Sunday or Monday first day of the week / extra script to embed the calendar / hyperlinks in Month view2362
1.7M (2010.03.08)Muti-day events / event category filter / iImproved email reminder feature780
1.6M (2010.02.08)User access rights improved / further date & time format improvements1650
1.5M (2010.01.18)Different date & time formats (dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy / 14:30, 2:30PM) / language files applied to date picker1148
1.4M (2010.01.01)Admin's Settings page added / international character support (utf-8)3456
1.3M (2009.12.01)Efficiency improvements and bug fixes384
1.2M (2009.11.17)Initial controlled release226