Topic: The mini-calendar (display0) has been improved

We've implemented a few improvements for the mini calendar (display0):

  • The left and right arrows in the calendar header now stay at a fixed location when browsing through the months; so they don't jump anymore depending on the length of the month name.

  • The click-sensitive area of the arrows has been widened, so that it is easier to browse through the months.

  • The color of the text in the footer is now taken from the specified colors in the configuration section and is therefore also visible on a dark background.

Furthermore, if you want the height of the iframe container to adjust automatically to the height of the mini-calendar (depending on the month, it will show 4, 5 or 6 weeks), then you will find the solution in the user guide (display0.txt) which is included in the file.

You can download the latest mini-calendar version from the LuxCal Displays page (menu on the left).