Topic: Markup events with structured data

To increase visibility in web searches, it would help if events could be marked up with Google-approved structured data / Microdata / RDFa. It should be possible to automatically do this for several of the data entry fields - name, startDate, endData, etc - while others would need to be user-selectable...

For more, see … ypes/event

Re: Markup events with structured data

Yes, could be interesting.
Since not everybody wants events to be visible in web searches, it should be optional (enable/disable on the admin's Settings page),
There are three possibilities: Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD. Since a few years Google recommends JSON-LD, which also has the advantage that it resides in the <head> section of the web page and is not interleaved with the visible part in the <body>.

We will look into the possibilities.

Re: Markup events with structured data

Yes, optional is always a good idea...

Thanks for considering it.

Re: Markup events with structured data

I agree it would be a great feature. It should also be optional in the Admin settings.


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