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Topic: Cannot delete an event

I cannot see any way to add a delete option to the Add/Edit Event window. I have an event that has replicated itself on editing but no delete button is showing. I have applied the 'To-do check box and delete attachment function problem' files, but I do not see any changes.

Re: Cannot delete an event

Hi Mervin,

Are you sure that on the admin's Settings page, under Events, "Show delete button in Event window" has been enabled? (This is the default, maybe you accidental unchecked the box).

I had a thorough look at the script producing the Even Edit / Add window and the only condition to determine if the Delete button should be displayed is this setting on the Settings page.

If the problem persists, could you send me via the Contact Us page a link to your calendar with a temporary user account with admin rights please.


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Re: Cannot delete an event

I don't know how I missed that button but I see it now thanks Roel.

Re: Cannot delete an event

Great wink