Topic: Repeat on 5th week??

can't find this option, but its very important for me.
Repeat on "last" weekday of month won't help in this case...

Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Hello Stefan

You should be able to do that.

There is an option : Repeat every  (number) (type)

You should be able to set this as : Repeat every 5 week(s)

Hope this was what you mean...

Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Thanks for your reply
and sorry for being imprecisely. I am not looking for an event on every 5th week - I would like to have the event on the fifth week of a month - of course only if there is a 5th week in that month.
But as far as I see this is not possible with luxcal at the moment...

Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Hi Stefan,

I think I understand what you mean it is like Friday the 13th at Port Dover here in Ontario Canada. If the 13th of the month happens to fall on a Friday there is an event. If the 13th is on any other day of the month there isn't an event.

You are saying that only if and when there is a fifth say Friday in a month there is an event that day otherwise there isn't. Since there are 4.33 weeks in a month there are never a full five weeks but you can have where there are five of a certain day in a month.

I think you are correct in that feature / function is not possible in LuxCal.

I'm not speaking for Roel since he may elect to add that as a feature. For the number of times that happens it may not be worth adding as a feature since a person could manually put those few entries in.


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Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Hello Stefan

I would suggest you use the "Save as new" for this.
You find yourself the dates that meets your rule.

You create the first event. Then change the date and press "Save as new"
change the date press "Save as new"  and so on..

It should not take long to create for a year - only change 5-6 dates and 5-6 clicks.

Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Hi Stefan,

Indeed for recurring events it is not possible to select "every 5th <weekday> of <month>".
This feature was requested before in November 2014 by a calendar user, so I looked back at what we discussed at that time and found the following . . .
Of course the software could be modified to allow for selecting the 5th weekday, but this could be very tricky. Suppose on the 3rd of November 2018 you would enter an event with a repetition "Every 5th Friday of each month". As of the 3rd of November, the first occurrence of a fifths Friday would be 29 March 2019. This could be very confusing; as soon as you would press the "save" button, the event would be kind of "lost". It would not be visible before the 29th of March 2019.
Another example: If in August 2018 you would enter an event with repetition "Every 5th Thursday of September it would even be worse. Once you press the save button, the event would not be visible until September 2021! So if you wanted to edit this event, you would have to go to September 2021.

For this reason we decided November 2014 to drop this request.

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Re: Repeat on 5th week??

Hello and thanks for digging this out...
Perhaps it is really a very special use but it is one for us. Sometimes we need something like "every 5th wednesday in every month" ... Of course it is possible to do this manually. But we are going to change to Luxcal from webcalendar - so everyone is used to the possibility of somethink like that.

But never mind - I tweaked the retrieve function and the select of "ri2" in the repeating panel a little bit. So I got what I need.

Thanks for your  any efforts!