Topic: v.4.7.2 - Chrome problems

The last version I have use was  4.6.1.
Now, after update I see that v 4.7.2 work not right on Chrome sad
Admin settings not roll out & editing post does not display correctly

On the Edge work correctly

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Did you refresh your browser?

See also this post : http://www.luxsoft.eu/lcforum/viewtopic.php?id=70

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Your link isn't correctly. (sorry for my english)

Yes, I refresh browser. It's not help. Generally Calendar work, login work, add post work, but editing post... give empty edit (I can't add on this forum my links & images (?))

And click onto "Open Menu" button (add - logout - open menu) don't roll out this menu (to select options from menu) sad

On the Edge all's work (Firebird, Opera etc. I didn't check)

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Hello Jacek

Could you provide us with a screen-shot and a description of what exactly is the problem.

Beware that you, in the event-window maybe has to enlarge this if  the text-field has been made bigger.

I would say that the calendar should function regarding the described items ( event-window and hamburger-button ) as this has been tested most intensive with the Chrome browser. Is your browser the latest version?

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Hi Jacek,

Could you give us a link to your calendar, so that we can see what exactly happens or does not happen?


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Re: v.4.7.2 - Chrome problems


my calendar is in my LAN, on the local server, so, external link will not work

finally, I've come to understand why I can't post links with screens here (after "Preview reply" I get "Warning: don't do this !"

Problem is with polish domain: even when I write link with (dot)pl domain I get this error (.com & .eu works)

So, I write unconventionally (replace (dot) as "."):

when I move my mouse over writed post:


when I (next) click edit (above post) button I get empty edit:


when I click "open menu" button nothing happens (on the Edge roll out menu table):


On the Edge browser none of these problems will occur

Re: v.4.7.2 - Chrome problems

Hi Jacek,

I've sent you an email concerning your last post.