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Hello. I am trying to add more drop downs to the new event form but I am afraid I can't do it. can you give me a hand? thank you

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I think it would be helpful to Roel if you could give an indication of what you have tried and what has not worked as expected. Then he would know what level of hint or help is needed to allow you to get things to work as you would wish.


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Actually another drop down would be  to much for me as I am new with php. But, if you can tell me what do I need to change in order to have more then 4 subcategories it would be very appreciated and a donation will be make because I can see you are spending a lot of time keeping LuxCal working for free. Thank you


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I already added No5 in all lines that had sub*1,2,3,4 in categories.php and is not working. thank you

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If I am understanding you correctly for the sub menu but you don't say for what.

If you are editing the categories.php file then I am assuming you are trying to add a new category for events. If that is the case you don't need to edit any files.

When logged in as the Admin from the Menu select "Categories". You can then edit, delete or add any new categories.

If that is not what you trying to do please explain exactly what the drop menu is for and where you would like it.


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Hi Cornel,

I'm very sorry, but adding another sub-category is rather complicated, you will have to add several fields to the categories table in the database and you will need to modify several php scripts. Without good PHP skills this will be very difficult.
It's NOT just a matter of adding an option to the drop down menu sad


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Added line No5 in categories.php, event.php, eventreport.php, retreive.php, retreive2.php and nothing happend. Calendar is the same . Don't  know what to do with the data base. 
When I am trying to add  5th line  in dump file and then restore with the changes, I get an error...Thank you

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If you really want to add a 5th sub-category, you should do a global search through all calendar scripts (for instance with the tool TextCrawler). for the database fields "subName", "subColor" and "subBgrnd" and then you will see that there are more files to modify. But as I said in my previous post: It ain't easy wink


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Already did that. I found lines to be added in 6 php files(retrive, retrive2, toolboxx, categories, eventreport). I did that in the install archive, so the database is already changed. After install, I can find all may changes in the 6 php files. The only thing wrong now is, when I opes the "categories" windows, I inspect the element, and I see the table stops on line 4. So, I think the problem is that is not adding the 5th line somewhere, the table is still created with 4 lines....I can even find the 5th line in the database dump file after backup. Thank you


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Now I am at the final point. Have everything working, I have my add new categories window with the extra field.I managed to edit the data base columns trough Cpanel.
I open the add new categories window, i fill all fields (including the 5no subcategories) but when I click add i get the error:"SQL error. See 'logs/sql.log'"
And in the log:ERROR Script: /index.php - SQL execute error: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens


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This is what I have in editor


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I've did it!!!! Added ",?,?,?" in categories.php in //Add new category field. This way i had my chance to study sql an php for a bit, witch is good for me. Thank you