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Topic: Inconsistent handling of user names


I like the possibility in 4.7.1 to write a user name to the recipient list instead of email address.
But there ist inconsistent handling of which characters are alowed ...

Adding a new user to luxcal all german "Umlaute" are possible. So adding user with username "äöüß" is no problem. Everything in the calendar works correct with this name. But adding this username to the recipient list for notification of edited calendar file (pSet[recipList]) leads to an error - saving is not possible ...

I did not try it via a txt-file and also did not check the "default recipient list" for notifications (pSet[defRecips]) ...
But I think it should be treated the same way everywhere in luxcal.

Re: Inconsistent handling of user names

Hi Stefan,

You are right, at all places on the Settings page (there are three places) where an email recipient list can be specified it should also be possible to enter a user name and the validation of specified user names should be consistent. In addition, the associated Help information should also reflect the possibility to specify user names.
I will update the files concerned and add them to the next calendar release.

Thanks for reporting this.