Topic: problem in $evt array makeE

Hello Roel,

I notice in the function makeE in source code, /common/toolbox.php that you use the $evt array and in this one you say you have the nom and nos parametter but in the eventform0.php, eventreport.php and all other file you call this function when you do the $evt array you don't put nom and nos variables in it.

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Re: problem in $evt array makeE

Hello Emilie,
Great, you've been digging in the code details smile
Yes, you are right in eventform0.php and eventreport.php the nom and nos parameters (nom => number of days before event to send a reminder email and nos => idem for SMS) are not added to the $evt array before calling the function makeE. However, the nom and nos parameters are only used by the makeE function if the template (2nd parameter in makeE function) contains a '6' and - and this is important - if a '6' is present in the last parameter 'show'.
In both cases, eventform0.php and eventreport.php, the last parameter of the makeE call does NOT contain a '6'! So in these cases the makeE function will never use the nom and nos parameters and therefore these parameters need not be present in the $evt array.

So it is intentional that in the eventform0.php and eventreport.php code the nom and nos parameters are not present in the $evt array.
(If makeE would use these parameters while they are not present, a PHP warning would be produced, which is not the case.)

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