Topic: Event duration

Hi all,

Newbie on Luxcal, I start discovering this so wonderfull tool.

I had an issue I solved on my first test and just wanna share it

Creating categories, I selected a fixed event duration.
But … Something was wrong with 2h07 duration for 8 hours selected ..

A short brainstorming lead me to MySQL database, bingo !
The field is defined in LuxCal as tinyint and so limited to 127 …
I moved it to smallint and no more issue !
Just in case you encounter same or close trouble.

Re: Event duration

Hi there,
Thanks for reporting this problem.
It can indeed be solved by changing the type of the defslot field in the categories table to SMALLINT.

The problem only applies to the MySQL version of the calendar. In the SQLite version the defslot field in the categories tables is INT.

This problem will be fixed in the next LuxCal calendar version 4.7.1.