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I have created a group with the rights to view/edit all events, but all the users of this group can view/edit only "own" events.

I have cheched the options many times and all seems right. I have cleared IE cache and cookie.

Any idea?

Version 4.7.0

Thank you in advance.

Re: User Group rights

Hello Netadm

Just tested in version 4.7.0.
Moved a user to the "Post All".
Then this user could see/edit even admin events.
Functioned as expected.
Could you please provide a screenshot of your settings for the "Post all" settings?

Re: User Group rights

Beware - if you for the usergroup have set rights for specific categories and then add new categories - then you have to also specify access for the new categories in the group-settings
You have to make the settings for ALL categories.

Re: User Group rights

Hi, I have created new group "Operators". Below the options:

ID:  7
Group Name:  Operators
Background:  #FFFFFF
Rights: Create/Modify all events
Event categories: View (All) - Add (All)
May post repeating events:  yes
May post multi-day events:  yes
May post private events:  yes
May upload files:  yes
May send SMSes:  yes
Thumbnails privileges: manage all 

I have created also a user "Test" in group "Operators".

I expected this user "Test" is able to view/modify all events. But if I log in with this user, and click on an event (created by another user),I see this error:
"no edit rights (event). Please log in."

I have searched for this error in all php files, and result in " pages/event.php ".

Sorry I cannot post screenshot, and sorry for my bad english too. I'm italian.

Thanks in advance.

Re: User Group rights

Hi Luigi,

Hmm, I did exactly the same, I created a user group Operators with exactly the same parameters as in your last post.
Then I created a user and assigned the user to the group Operators and thereafter I could create/edit events and I could also edit the events of other users. So it worked fine, as expected.

The error message 'no edit rights (event). Please log in.' should normally never appear. This error message only shows if something unusual happens.
Are you sure that the user Test can successfully log in? Is the user name Test displayed in the right upper corner of the calendar after log in?

Could you send me (via the Contact Us page) a link to your calendar and a temporary user account with admin or manager rights? I will then have a thorough look at what is happening.

Il tuo inglese è molto meglio del mio italiano wink


Re: User Group rights

Hi Roel, I have done all you have said. No success.
Unfortunately my calendar is on internal corporate WAN not connected with Internet, so I cannot let you throw in.

I think, at this point, it is only my matter, because your LuxCal works fine. I have solved, temporary, creating another group with highest rights. I will investigate later. 
Thank you for your support.



Re: User Group rights

I need a user group that is able to add private events but not allow to add events for the public. Currently, some user types allow private event adding but I don't want any regular (other than admin or manager) user to mass up the public calendar.
any suggestion?