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Hi Roel.
Another suggestion/wish list smile
Possibility to block events posting for certain days?
Do you think it would be useful?


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Hello Laur,

Do you mean like you have a repeating event each week but if it falls on a holiday it is skipped / blocked?


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Nope. Just block/lock some days so no one can post anything/anymore.
Meaning I already have "n" (or none) events in a particulary day so no one can post/add more (or any) events.


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Also, skipping weekends or holidays will be very useful feature, too!

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Hello Laur

What you describe should be possible already.
For a category you can check no overlap.
There is 2 options - same category or all categories.

If you make a category with : no overlap for all categories.
Then make an event with this category - then no other events can take place for the time for the blocking event.

This can be used for closed on holidays or weekends - or whatever.

Please try and tell if this is what you ask for.

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As the booking feature now also is active for recurring events, then a recurring event that blocks for weekends could be useful maybe.

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Suggestion :
You make a blocking event with a category that blocks for all other events.
On the blocking-category, you check the : Day color (month/week/day view):
You give the category a dark-grey or a black background.
The blocking event you set to : All day

The blocking event will then be shown in month view, with the dark grey filling the whole day-cell. And with a text like : Closed - no events possible.
This will clearly indicate that the day is not open for creating events. And it IS not possible.