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Topic: Adding more fields / Changing current extra fields

Hi Roel,

A while back, I think on my request, you added a couple of added fields (Extra field 1 & Extra field 2) so a person could use them for whatever purpose they wanted.

A user recently posted in the Need Help section with the topic Wish list about adding more extra fields.

The question is how many fields? If you make it four will someone else want six.

The labels Extra field 1 & Extra field 2 aren't descriptive of what might be put in those fields making LuxCal look a little less polished.

Perhaps change the way extra fields are handled and make them like categories. I can delete categories I don't need, change the name on current ones and create new categories with new names.

If someone doesn't need any extra fields they don't create any. They are also free to add as many as they like or need, unless you set a limit. They can also give them their own field name.


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Re: Adding more fields / Changing current extra fields

Hi Dan,

Since several calendar users have asked for the possibility to add additional fields, it may be a good idea to implement a flexible possibility to add/delete extra fields to events. I will investigate the feasibility of this new feature; as you suggested, maybe something similar to adding/deleting categories.
If this appears to be feasible without too many troubles and we decide to go ahead, then implementing this new option will for certain take quite some time (months). But it's always nice to have something to look forward to wink