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Hi Roel,

I have heard of  jQuery but I'm not familiar with it.

One listed is based on Bootstrap but LuxCal doesn't use Bootstrap so I don't know how or if it would work.

Before you decide to add in a WYSIWYG editor. People will want the ease of use of MS Word and sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you give the ability to insert an image they will want to be able link to an image or upload it from their computer. If the image is too big they will want it resized automatically. They don't want an error message that the image is too large. Most users don't know how to resize an image or how large the image they are trying to upload to know if it is too big.

If a user can include an image they will likely want to include or upload a video.

What you have done with LuxCal since I started using it is remarkable. If you feel adding a WYSIWYG editor to LuxCal fits your vision of what LuxCal should be and will be well utilized then I know you will take on that challenge as you have with the other features you have added that have been a challenge. If you feel that there are other features that are a better fit with LuxCal and utilized by users then perhaps your efforts and talents into those features are the route to take.

Kind regards,


Hi Dan,

Interesting link!
Most of these editors have a lot of functions which require changes to the calendar as well. I will investigate if I can find an editor which is not too sophisticated and not depending on jQuery. Thereafter I will have to see if and how this can be integrated in the calendar. Quite a challenge wink



Ok. I think I have found what you are referring too as a WYSIWYG client side editor. CKEditor and TinyMCE may not be completely free or feasible if added to LuxCal.

This site lists the 10 Best WYSIWYG client side editor's.



Hi Roel,

I know a number of php scripts use CKEditor for WYSIWYG functions.

I do agree having the WYSIWYG feature would be nice if people want to add formatting when entering an event.

If added to LuxCal then as other features this should be an option in the Admin panel to enable or disable.

If by the "client side" you mean the browser, I've never seen a WYSIWYG  editor on the client side.



Hi there,

No there is currently no WYSIWYG editor available. There are more users interested in a WYSIWYG editor. This should be done on the client side via JavaScript. We will see if this can be done without too many troubles.



I'm quite new to LuxCal, but really impressed about its possibilities and configuration options.

For a future release, I would be pleased if there would be a way to integrate the calendar into a website without using an iframe. I'm not a coder, but maybe there may be a way to put the contents directly into a website with a PHP include or an Ajax script.

Another idea: There is some HTML code is allowed in the event description, but this might be a bit confusing to editors which have no technical knowledge. So it would be great if an (optional) WYSIWYG editor could be integrated. (Or does this already exist and I just missed it?)