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Hello Fred,

I have sent you an email.



As an update, I have not heard back from so have no way of knowing if the IP address listed is the one that should be used.  Still have not received any notifications.


Thanks to both of you for your response. I have tried using the local as well as the remote option in settings and have sent the cron job by hand with the following results per the log file:

When using the local option the result is:  2018.11.04 09:06:56 CRONJOB Script: lcalcron:118 - Cron job started - Cron host: local
2018.11.04 09:06:56 CRONJOB Script: lcalcron:123 - Aborted.

When using the remote option the result is:  2018.11.04 09:17:39 CRONJOB Script: lcalcron:118 - Cron job started - Cron host: remote - Remote IP address:
2018.11.04 06:17:39 CRONJOB Script: lcalcron:216 - OK.

However, no email is received. Don't know if the responses from the log file provide any help to you.

I am using as the external site to send the cron job and have been since May of this year with no problems. I have sent them an email regarding their IP address and am waiting for a response.  I will report back as I get a response from


John's suggestion to start 'calcron.php via your browser ('by hand') is a good one. To be able to do this, don't forget on the Settings page, under Periodic Functions to set Cron job host to "Remote", so no IP address. Otherwise is will not be possible.



Try to contact the provider and check :

Have they changed their IP address ?
Have you looked in the logfile to see what IP the cronjob is using?
Does the provider use more than one server and the IP could therefore change?

And you could maybe check yourself : What happens if you start the cronjob "by hand"?

This is just my suggestions to maybe come closer to the problem.


All of a sudden I have noticed that the email notifications are not coming through again for my calendar and to my knowledge nothing has changed.  I am still using as the site to send the crons and am curious if anyone would know the reason.  I have checked and it states that the cron jobs have been issued and have been consistently.  I am have uploaded an image of the Notifications section of the calendar for your perusal.  I have changed the email address for security purposes, but everything else is the same as it has been.  thanks in advance for your help.


Yes, it is working...I am getting the email notifications. As a matter of fact I am getting them at two different email addresses although I thought I had changed them all to be sent to the one email. I am going to try to find out why it is still sending to both of them and report back. 

I wanted to thank everyone that helped get this problem resolved and happy that it was a small matter that caused it in the first place.



If using the Remote-setting for the cronjob, the job can be started from everywhere. And then the IP is shown.
This is not a setting I would normally recommend - but it is useful when testing.

I am sorry if you are mislead by the IP-address shown in the documentation for the Cronjob.
I will make a remark that the number shown, is just for the example, and that people themselve has to check the IP for their provider.

I hope your next post is to tell that it now all functions smile


I believe the problem has been solved...the IP Address that I had in there was incorrect and when corrected, the notifications started coming through.  I am now testing the actual events instead of test events and will post the results tomorrow as that is when the cron job is scheduled.  I am making an assumption that if no events are scheduled, the notification will still arrive except that it will state no events are scheduled?



Since the file Roel sent me works with the cronjob provider, I would assume the lcalcron.php file would work as well since it is from the same provider.  BTW, the provider I am using is and I believe you provided the IP Address for it?

Since the cron job doesn't run, there is no log file entry, therefore no IP Address information, but as stated above, if it works for the file Roel sent me the IP Address should be correct. BTW, the luxcal log file contains the following information:

- Aborted. - OK. - OK. - OK. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - OK. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - Aborted. - OK. - Aborted.


Hello Fred

This is a bit strange.

Running the lcalcron.php should be the same - started by "hand" or started by a job.

What happens if you use another browser and clears the cache before starting the cronjob ?

There should be no difference ( By hand or by cronjob provider )

Are you sure that the IP-address from the provider is correct? Some cronjob providers make use of two or more IP-addresses.
You can check in the logfile what IP the job comes from. Check that it is the IP you have set up for the cronjob provider.

Kind regards



Everything worked...

I received a notification that an event had changed
I received a notification when I ran the cron job by hand
I received a notification of Cron Job Summary


Roel provided me with a small testcron.php file that is working. The frustration keeps mounting. Hopefully this can be resolved.


Hello Fred

I can see Roel is online - but I post this anyway smile

Be sure it is for the L-version you start the cronjob. This way nothing else is to interfere.

Then try to start the cronjob by hand.

This SHOULD function.

Then set the cronjob to start automatically.

Kind regards


Well, changing the email address to one with the domain address sent the email.  It did not fix the cron job problem however...still getting the same error:
302 Found

Can't figure out why it is not working.

BTW, changing the email address to the domain's email address worked for both the MYSQL and MYSQLite versions.


Good point Dan.

My ISP for most of my domains ( also demands the sender of the mail to be a mailaddress from the domain.
You will probably not get an error - the message will simply not be sent.

Kind regards
John Schwartz

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