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Apologies for the confusion Roel. My fault. I have now corrected the situation. I had indeed downloaded the file but hadn't realised the setting was actually a variable within your code!
Now I have turned that to a zero to disable the full calendar link everything in that department is now working fine.
I thank you for mentioning the line concerned as I was looking for something else. I was looking for a line of code where the actual link would have set up the change. As it turns out a variable is set and then utilised later when the full calendar link would be clicked.
No worries now on that score. Thank you.




I'm not quite sure what you mean. You implemented the change I posted and you downloaded the new version. To which one of the two are you referring? (If you downloaded the new version, there is no need for alterations).
If you download the latest display0 zip-file, then on line 20 you will find a setting "$fullCal" to disable / enable the link to the full calendar. If you make this setting 0 (disabled), the link to the full calendar will disappear and the cursor will revert to the default arrow.

If this does not solve the problem, please let me know.




Many thanks again for your help and reply. My apologies for this late comeback to your suggestion but, because of the holidays, I have been extremely busy.

As it stands I have done the alterations on the lines you mentioned but because I downloaded the new display file the line numbers did not correspond. Not a problem. The text for the link has gone and the link no longer works which is fine. There is still a cursor that gives the impression of the link being there though upon hovering over the month name. Not major though I mention it just in case you wish to correct that.

I cannot see where the setting is that you mention for the stopping of the link in settings on the display file. Have I missed something?
This was in the update to your post.


There is no setting to turn the link to the full calendar off, but a quick fix would be to change the PHP code as follows:
Change line 234 of the display0.php file
from . . .

$dateHdr = "<button type='submit' title=\"{$xx['vws_view_full']}\">".makeD($dateD1,3)."</button>\n";

to . . .

$dateHdr = "<button type='button'>".makeD($dateD1,3)."</button>\n";

. . . delete line 229 to get rid of the text "for full calendar click month".
That's all.
In addition you could of course also delete all lines related to the form: Lines 230 - 233 and 238.

Update: A minute ago I've made this a setting in the mini calendar. If you upload the mini calendar (display0) from the LuxCal Displays page, you will have the updated version.



Thanks for your quick reply Roel, very much appreciated.

I had thought that it may be due to the = 80 value but hadn't realised that this addition to JavaScript had been made when it was as you state in 2015. I don't normally use JS and am a PHP, MySQL developer.

My Dreamweaver version is the 2014 release so it would miss that addition by some way.
I like this calendar and its possibilities and one other thing I would like to do before implementation is to disable the mini calendar from being enlarged to full page view when clicking the month name.
Can this be turned off? I have looked through the code and it looks like a possible variable or two are being used to do this? I may be wrong but it would help if known how to do that. I found this calendar around a week ago and it seems very impressive.

I thank you again for your time and prompt answer re the function and will carry on with it building other code around it for a club I am a member of.



Hi Brian,

What I can say is that there is NO error in this JavaScript function. The pop function is used to show the event details when hovering the event title for instance in Month view and is working as it should
Maybe DreamWeaver doesn't like the default popMaxChar value (= 80) in the function definition. The possibility to add default values for function parameters was added to JavaScript in 2015 (ECMAScript 2015). Maybe your DW version is older and doesn't know this.



Trying to understand how all this code is laid out so I can grasp the workings of the whole calendar.
Going pretty well until Dreamweaver pointed out an error in syntax on the file shown mentioned below...

DW says the only error is on line 396 of the toolbox dot js file within the common folder (the first line of the function where it is set up) but I cannot see where and an online syntax checker shows no such error. One is right and the other not.

The error shows up in the pop function...

function pop(parent,popContent,popClass,popMaxChar = 80){

Can anyone confirm what I find and if it is an error can it be sorted before I implement the calendar for use?
If your code is the same as mine (no reason for it not to be) then can you let me know so I can ignore DW's interpretation? It's never shown this kind of error prior in all the years I've used it so am doubting myself here.

Thanks in advance.

LuxCal Web Calendar → Problems → Syntax error? → Post new reply