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Posted:  18 Feb 2013 23:53
Hi - just got started...

Can I ask ... how do you enter stuff into the todo list?

Also, which code to change, to change the color of the title font of the options, todo, upcoming boxes?

Thanks a mill!
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 11:46   Last Edited By: Roel B.
To answer part one I needed to read lol!

LuxCal version 2.6.1 has a new feature to define one or two check boxes per event, for instance one to "approve" the event and another to check when the event has been "completed". It works as follows:

On the Categories page the admin can activate one or two check boxes per event category, assign a label to each box and specify an associated check mark. For example "approved": 'ok' and "completed": ?.

Thereafter, when a user creates an event and selects this event category, automatically one or two check box(es) will appear at the start of the event title. These check boxes can be clicked to open a Check Event window where the check boxes and their labels are displayed and can be checked or unchecked. If checked, in all views the specified check mark will be displayed at the start of the event title.

In the navigation bar a new button (check box) can be clicked to display a "todo" list with all events which require at least one check mark.

This feature offers a possibility to keep track of the progress of events which need some action.
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 23:02
Great, you've already answered question 1 smile

Question 2:
It depends what you want to do. The color of the title in ALL views and lists is taken from the event category the event belongs to. So the most logical answer to your question is: Go to the admin's Categories page and change the color of the category to which the events belong.
Does this answer your question, or did you mean something else?