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Posted:  18 Feb 2013 13:42
I hope that this is not too complicated.... biggrin

When printing out the calendar in 'upcoming view' any event which is listed for more than one day is printed once for each day, i.e. a week's event gets printed seven times.

Is there any (hopefully simple) way of showing this only once.

Thanks as always - John
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 18:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

In the past a few other users asked the same question.
The 'upcoming view' is date-oriented (and not event oriented) and when this view is printed, the printout is also date oriented, so it will print for each date what's on.
If there is enough demand, I could produce a second 'upcoming view' which just shows the events to come, sorted by start date/time. In this view multi-day events would only appear once.
It's a thought . . . I will think about it.

So I'm sorry, but currently there is no simple way of showing multi-day events once.
Posted:  28 Feb 2013 10:13
OK Roel,

Thanks anyway... Cool cool