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Posted:  17 Feb 2013 09:53   Last Edited By: riaan
Hi Roel

Hope the answer to this is not too complicated...  For a hospital clinic booking application, I can change the title and venue fields to "Name, Hosp No" and "Address".  Only thing is, the venue (now called "address") field is only visible on mouse over.  Is there a way to have this displayed directly on the calendar without the need to mouse over?

Alternatively, what would also work for me is to have more character space available in the title field, so that all the required info will appear on the calendar entry, and to then to remove the venue and description field.

The reason for this is so that staff can enter the calendar info into another program without the need to mouse over.

I would be grateful if you could help with either option.

Kind regards
Posted:  17 Feb 2013 11:57   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Riaan,

Both options are easy to implement. Let's take the first.
(The line numbers hereafter refer to LuxCal 2.7.3)

For "month view":
In the file views/month.php on line number 59 - towards the end of the line - change . . .
to . . .

For "day view" and "week view":
In the file views/dw_functions.php on line number 132 do exactly the same as above.

After these changes the address should be visible on a separate line in month, week and day view .
Posted:  17 Feb 2013 19:29
thump_up Thanks Roel!
Posted:  17 Feb 2013 19:52
Hi Roel

I made the changes, but then the calendar disappears...ohmy...reappeared when I undid the change in code.  Is the above correct?


Posted:  17 Feb 2013 23:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Riaan,
Yes, the above is correct, I've tested it 20 seconds ago wink
What you should do is, directly after the . . .
insert . . .

literally, including everything. Every dot and quote is important (use cut and paste).
Posted:  18 Feb 2013 12:29
Hi Roel

Many thanks, I did it exactly as you said and now it works...I obviously left something out.  It's certainly easier to take out gallbladders than to write php...biggrin

Posted:  18 Feb 2013 20:31
Ooh gall bladders . . . yes, piece of cake smile