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Posted:  14 Feb 2013 21:46   Last Edited By: G225
Hi, Very good calendar and thank for help me. Sorry for my english.

1. I test printer and Internet Explorer 9 Print Calendar on 2 page and Firefox 1 Why ? How reduce cell for print only 1 page ?

2. I try to install my Skin website to calandar but the problem is the calendar theme donc work...


<script type="text/javascript">

<div id=calendrier></div> but calendar has no theme...

3 How deactivate the Start and End day out month for not apeart.

Thank you!
Posted:  15 Feb 2013 20:05
Hi there,

1. That's very hard to say. browsers have their own way of printing HTML pages. Have you looked in IE9 under Printer - Page Setup to see if the right page size has been selected? Under Page Setup you can also experiment with the other settings.

2. I'm afraid I don't quit understand what you mean here. What is calendrier.html and what do you want to do with the JavaScript code? The user interface of the calendar can be customized by changing the styles in the css/lvtheme.php file.

3. Could you give me more details on what you mean by Start and End day. I don't quite understand.

If you are francophone, you can send me an email and give more details in French.