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Posted:  04 Feb 2013 12:27
I recently "upgraded" to Win8-64 and am using IE10.  I just noticed today several oddities in the browser window when viewing my Luxcal site.  I took a screenshot to better explain but forgot I can't actually upload images here so I'll do my best.

There is a scroll bar for the entire page at the bottom of the browser but when I use it to scroll over to the right there is nothing but a bunch of gray colored empty space.

The last mm or so on the right side of the calendar is cut off and there is another scroll bar at the bottom of the calendar to scroll the image over so that last little part of the calendar can be seen.  Increasing the size of the browser only makes the calendar bigger, as it should, but the same issue still exists.

At the top of the page, underneath the horizontal bar containing the "currently being viewed date bar" (like January 2013 - March 2013 or whatever), there is yet another horizontal scroll bar.  Moving this bar doesn't appear to do anything...

I am using v372, but when I go to the demo page at it looks fine.  Also, the current date, at the very top of the page on the demo shows as "shadow" format where as the same line on my site shows regular text, not "shadow" text.  One oddity, though, is that I *KNOW* the date showed up as shadowed text on my calendar site for awhile after I installed Win8/IE64! ??
Posted:  04 Feb 2013 12:45   Last Edited By: Gork
Check this out...  I have all my "IE zones" set at default.  I recently added my personal web page to the "Local intranet" zone in order to fix a problem with another PHP application I use, Gallery3.  (It seems G3 won't work when "enable enhanced protected mode" (in advanced options) *and* "enable protected mode" are both enabled in IE10.  So I moved my web site over to the local intranet zone which (by default) doesn't have the option to "enable protected mode" enabled.)

Anyway, these problems with Luxcal showed up after I moved my site's URL to the local intranet zone!  I moved it back to the "Internet zone" and everything works fine again...

???!!  More Microsoft browser hell?

Check THIS out...  When I move my URL to the "trusted sites zone" everything works fine, including Gallery3.  heh
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 19:55   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Gork,
Huh, you're still using a Microsoft browser? That is soooo 2012 wink

Do you have the effects with the scroll bar in an embedded calendar or also when you view the calendar full screen?
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 08:34
I was truly TRULY hoping MS would get it right this time...  But, it doesn't look like it!  /sigh  Another Vista flop and another IE version debacle.  Win8 hasn't really been all THAT bad, but the Metro interface is a buggy mess.  And I do miss Aero more than I had ever thought would be possible...

I put your site in the "local intranet zone" for testing and looked at your imbedded calendar on the demo page.  The bars show up on the imbedded calendar as well as the full page calendar.  (My site only uses the full page calendar.)
Posted:  22 Aug 2013 22:44
I just fought with this problem too, its a "compatibility view" problem I added this to the code each of the header files in the canvas folder and the problem went away.   

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
Posted:  22 Aug 2013 23:33
Hi Travis,
Thanks for reporting this. We will have a thorough look at the proposed meta tag and, if it solves the problem, we'll add the tag to the header files in future LuxCal versions, or make users aware of this solution.
Posted:  23 Aug 2013 16:40
Hi  Roel,

It feels good to finally answer a question. In my office we ONLY use IE so I get to fight with stuff like this all the time.  I found that if you use this meta tag with IE the quirks go away and it displays the site alot closer to what FF or chrome would. At least with ie9 and ie 10