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Posted:  27 Jan 2013 03:08
I'd like to add a link so folks can go back to the webiste. I've searched the site but can't find a way to do it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted:  27 Jan 2013 17:05   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jim,
You will have to add the link in the file canvas/header1.php. The title bar for instance is produced on line 65:
On line 65 you will find three span-tags, the first is the calender title on the left, the second the user name on the right and the third the current date in the center.
Depending on where you would like the link to show up, you could add a link/button within one of these three span-tags.
Posted:  27 Jan 2013 19:15
Hi Jim,

I added a couple of links to one of my calendars right at the top just above the area Roel is referring too, you can see it here.

This is where I have it in relation to the span tags.


<h3>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong><a href="">[Home]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">[PEI]</a></strong></h3>
echo "<header>n";
echo '<span class="floatL">'.$set['calendarTitle'].'</span><span class="floatR">'.$uname.'</span><span class="noPrint">'.makeD(date("Y-m-d"),5)."</span>n";

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  31 Jan 2013 18:36
Little Guy,
Thanks. I didn't see your post till I came back to thank Roel. I am not a "programmer" and couldn't figure out how to do the spacing, so I used a graphic. Had I seen yours first, I would have saved some time.
Thanks again.
Posted:  01 Feb 2013 19:35
Hi Jim,

I'm far from being a programmer, I've learned a few things that have helped. I've also in the past use a transparent gif to get spacing.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at