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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Where is the position of the Calendar part stored?
Posted:  25 Jan 2013 18:27

It looks like the Monthly view etc... is created at a specific Y position on the screen.  So if I add something to the bottom of the header it is obscured by the calendar view being placed on top.

Where can I find this positions, are they in the css.php file?
Posted:  25 Jan 2013 21:56
Hi Azdour,

If you open the file css/css.php, then on lines 92 - 98 you will find class names starting with "scrollBox". These classes define where the calendar body goes. For instance for "month view" . . .
on line 98 you will find "scrollBoxHead" which is the header (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) of the calendar and on line 93 you will find "scrollBoxMo" which is the body of the calendar.
By changing "top:xxpx" you can move the calendar up and downwards.
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 18:18
Hi Roel,

Thanks. I had seen the css.php and the top but modifying them seem to do nothing.

I have now tried again and it seems to be a browser issue (chrome). I have to refresh the page twice before it picks up the values.
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 19:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ah yes, it can be misleading when the values are cached by the browser wink