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Posted:  02 Jan 2013 22:58
Hi Roel,

at first, I wish you a happy new year and I noticed there were lots of changes done meantime... :-D
I noticed a minor issue at my older luxcal-version and already downloaded your latest version 2.7.3 in order to retest it there - it also exists there... (but maybe it's a bug in Orage (XFCE), I'm not definitely sure so far...)

Detailed description to reproduce:
1.) Maintain an event as an one allDay-event (i.e. only one day, not a multiple allDay event)
2.) Export this event via Admin-section as usual (which calls the file ./pages/exportICS.php)
3.) Import that generated export-ics-file in Orage (= default calendar in XFCE)
==> Issue: Orage shows this 1-day-event as 2 days (correct day + following day)
I noticed that MS Outlook doesn't seem to have issues with that generated export file, so the question really is, if it is "bug or feature" in Orage...

When investigating further, I founded following (e.g. one allDay-event = 1st January 2013):
a) Luxcal-Export generates following:
b) when mainting this in Orage and doing an ics-export there, Orages creates following:

Please note in b) there is no DTEND, but a DURATION instead.
I imported that file in Luxcal also, no issues at import there. So it seemed to be good so far. But still question if "bug or feature" in Orage or bug in Luxcal-export... So I searched the rfc5545 (thanks for the link to this... ;-)) with the keyword DTEND and founded following there:
                  rrule /
                  ; Either 'dtend' or 'duration' MAY appear in
                  ; a 'eventprop', but 'dtend' and 'duration'
                  ; MUST NOT occur in the same 'eventprop'.
So it seems to be a solution not to use the DTEND always, but the DURATION only (in case of one allDay-event). If this would be right, it's a little bug in the Luxcal-ics-export-file, if not, I will open a bug for Orage... ;-)
(By the way: I used the latest Orage version 4.8.3 what is part of latest XFCE 4.10)

I already did a small modification as described above and for my own, I'm very happy now. But in case it's no bug in Orage, I wanted to let you know... If you agree and you do a correction at your luxcal-ics-export, please note that at multiple allDay-events, the DTEND still gets used (also in the generated Orage-file). I'm just telling this because when implementing my modifcation, I noticed my "simple" modification killed all multiple allDay-events by reducing them to one allDay-events only... ;-) But still ok for my own, but probably not to the rest of luxcal-users... ;-)

Thanks again for your perfect work on that great calendar and a happy new Year to you and your team!
Posted:  10 Jan 2013 17:32   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Frank,
From the RFC 5545 spec it's not so easy to find out what's correct, but at the end of page 54 of the spec you will find the answer:

      The following is an example of the "VEVENT" calendar component
      used to represent a multi-day event scheduled from June 28th, 2007
      to July 8th, 2007 inclusively.  Note that the "DTEND" property is
      set to July 9th, 2007, since the "DTEND" property specifies the
      non-inclusive end of the event

       SUMMARY:Festival International de Jazz de Montreal
end quote

I have highlighted the important note!
So I believe that LuxCal is producing the correct output and that Orage is wrong.
Cheers, Roel
Posted:  20 Jan 2013 20:38
Hi Roel,

thanks for highlited RFC 5545 passage. I will retest with that information as well and open a XFCE-bugzilla then.

Posted:  23 Jan 2013 06:59
Hi again,

when retesting this in latest Orage version, this isn't any issue any more.
All tests regarding allDay-events (and also mutliDay-events) are shown properly there now. So it seems it got fixed there recently - but that way I know it never was a bug at the luxcal-export definitely.
Sorry for that effort here...

Posted:  23 Jan 2013 10:54
Great Frank!
We're always happy when users report 'possible' bugs.