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Posted:  16 Dec 2012 18:25

On the "Full Month", I find the time a tad to close to the border.  How can I have it 2 spaces to the right, followed by the time, 2 more spaces, add the "-", followed by 2 spaces and finally the "Title"?  Like :

_ _ 09:00 _ _ - _ _ Birthday

Posted:  16 Dec 2012 21:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
Why would you want that ?
You're using LuxCal 2.7.3 I guess.
Ok, if you insist: In the file views/month.php, on line 55, change
...$popAttr.">".$time." ".$evt[...
...$popAttr.">  ".$time."  -  ".$evt[...
Posted:  18 Dec 2012 04:39
And again, perfect.  Thank you.  Okay, maybe all those spaces were a bit much, but I love the indent of 1 space for sure.  by the way, I am using 2.7.3.

I have 4 more things to change, and then you should be rid of me for good, haha.
Posted:  18 Dec 2012 10:44
I don't want to get rid of you, and certainly not for good wink