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Posted:  09 Dec 2012 20:27
I took a look at, "Single Sign-On when full calendar embedded in a parent web page which requires logging in."

In the situation I'm trying to resolve it's not the solution. The easiest way to explain it, it is the same as LuxCal. You can allow visitor to see the calendar but the user must create an account and must log in to add an event.

I have a directory where visitors can view the listings but have to create an account and log in to post a listing.

If my understanding is correct, if the person logs into the directory they can post to the calendar even though an account doesn't exist in LuxCal.

I was wondering if I could create something so that if they create an account in LuxCal they are creating an account at the same time in the directory and when they log in they have access to both like it is all one script? I assume it would require a special script to do that?

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