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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / How do I changed the mySQL database name and user?
Posted:  08 Dec 2012 08:34

I have just migrated to a new server.

And although I exported my website and databases, the databases names have been altered on the new server.

Now, in my phpBB forum and in my Wordpress blog, there are configuration files (config.php) just for this event. You simply edit the configuration files and replace the old mySQL names with the new names.

Is there such a configuration file for LuxCal? If yes, where is it located please? If not, what am I supposed to do? Right now, as expected, I have a "Cannot connect to mySQL database" error...

With my expected thanks,

Posted:  08 Dec 2012 10:57
Hi there,
You should download the LuxCal Configuration Tool - for LuxCal version 2.7.2 from the Downloads page.
When you launch this tool with your browser, you can change, test and save the database credentials.
Don't forget to remove the tool after use!
Posted:  08 Dec 2012 23:40
Hello Roel B and many thanks for your prompt reply.

I followed your advice and used the LuxCal Configuration Tool.

It worked perfectly smile

You are really professional - and it shows in the quality of LuxCal and in your behaviour/attitude.

Best regards,

Posted:  09 Jan 2013 02:47
I have LuxCal 2.6.1 and need to modify the database credentials.
I downloaded the LuxCal Configuration Tool - for LuxCal version 2.7.2 and renamed the file to lcconfig261.php.

It looks like everything loads fine in the Configuration Tool when I enter the new db info. But I cant save the new database credentials.

How can I update the database credentials?

Posted:  09 Jan 2013 11:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Fredrik,
If you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) I will send you the LuxCal config tool for LuxCal 2.6.1.
In LuxCal 2.7.3 the way the database credentials are stored has changed. In this version it is easier to change these values.
If you have the opportunity it would be a good idea to upgrade.