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Posted:  02 Dec 2012 02:40

Has only created a pulldown option for the categories?  I only have 3, no cat, open, booked, but having such a filter would be great.
Posted:  02 Dec 2012 12:13
Hi there,
I'm afraid I don't quite understand your question sad
Via the Options Panel a filter on categories can be set. This is probably not what you mean.
Please explain.
Posted:  02 Dec 2012 17:58
Sorry for the confusion.
You know how under the user admin, there is the "Select Admin Function".  That kind of option for the categories.  We have a few production plants and the idea is that the user can select 1 of the plants and view the calendar.
Posted:  03 Dec 2012 18:51
You can already select one or more categories in the Options Panel.
So do you mean you would like to have a category  pulldown menu in addition to the Options Panel? Or do you want to replace the complete Options Panel by just a single category pulldown menu?
Please be aware that in the latter case the users can't select different views any more. And in the Options Panel a user can select multiple categories, whereas with the pulldown menu they can only select all categories or a single category.
Posted:  03 Dec 2012 21:16
Actually, I would prefer both "Options" and "Category" to be seperate pulldowns.  This would allow the users to stay on 1 while changing the other, but more importantly, it would allow picking only 1 item.  The reason is that the categories would actually be production plants in different countries ( US/CDN ) and there is no need to view multiple categories.  So to answer, yes, seperate pulldown replacing the options panel.
Posted:  03 Dec 2012 23:25   Last Edited By: Roel B.
It's still not 100% clear what you want.
In the first line of your last post you are saying " I would prefer both "Options" and "Category" to be separate pulldowns" and in the last sentence you are saying "separate pulldown replacing the options panel". Separate or replace?

But ok, never mind, I've prepared a changed LuxCal version for you with a category pull down menu in the navigation bar. Send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) and I will send you this version by email.
Posted:  04 Dec 2012 03:13
Kill "options button"
Make pulldown for options
Make seperate pulldown for categories.

I am so sorry for adding to the confusion.

PS:  I will of course email you.
Posted:  05 Dec 2012 04:06
Thank you, you are brilliant !!!
_/  Cheers