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Posted:  02 Dec 2012 00:13
When I click the login link or the Add event link, the pop-up window has no scroll bar and is too short to display the contents.  With the Add Event window, I can drag to resize the window and it just barely fits on my screen, but with the log in window I cannot resize.  I can manage to get to all the contents by using the tab button, but that is no great for my clients.  This is on windows 7 both firefox and IE9.
Posted:  02 Dec 2012 00:51

Try pressing Ctrl plus the - key at the same time to make things smaller to see if that helps.

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Posted:  02 Dec 2012 04:20
The zoom is already set to 0 or normal.  I can decrease the zoom so the entire thing displays in the window, but then the text is so small it is almost illegible.  A screenshot can be seen here: login screenshot
Posted:  02 Dec 2012 12:06   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The login window should be resized to it's required height automatically. This is done via a JavaScript function.There should be no need to enlarge the window manually.
Are you sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser?

On the screenshot in your last post I saw that the font family of the text is "Times". This is rather strange because throughout the calendar "Times" is not used.
Are you sure all calendar files/directories have been uploaded, or did you maybe make any changes?
If you send me the URL of your calendar installation (via the Contact Us page), I will analyse the problem.