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Posted:  01 Dec 2012 21:29
Are there currently any scripts that LuxCal shares Single Sign On (SSO) with?

I've been looking at MyBB Forum for a project or two and now with LuxCal running multiple calendars. The forum allows for the discussion and lead in (page to embed a calender in) while of course the calendar allows for the events.

This forum SEO-Board seems ok but I would prefer MyBB. I'm not a programmer, my other question is which one has to be modified or do both have to be modified for SSO?

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Posted:  02 Dec 2012 12:43
Hi Dan,
No, there are no shared scripts.
The SSO mechanism in LuxCal is rather simple.
On the parent page, before the iframe statement where the calendar is embedded:
1. take care that PHP sessions are started (session_start();)
2. load the username (or user email address) in session variable $_SESSION['lcUser'];

This of course only works if the calendar admin has created the user accounts for the users which are allowed to automatically (via SSO) log in to the calendar.
I could produce an API for the calendar, which could be called from an other application (e.g. a registration script) which would create a user account in the calendar. So far nobody asked for this.

The SEO board forum is not the best, but it's rather simple and I like that. The problem also is that once one has started with a certain forum and built up a database with subjects and posts it's not so easy to switch over to an other forum application.
Posted:  02 Dec 2012 14:57
Hi Roel,

If it wasn't too difficult to produce an API you might find others would be interested in it. Of course if I'm the only one then it doesn't make sense.

I'm looking at a project that would be national and could grow to be quite large. It would be impossible to create the accounts in advance of registration. With self registration I don't see how you could do this easily.

MyBB actually comes with a calendar program but I like some of the features that LuxCal has so figured if I could combine them I would prefer to.

I clicked the link for SEO board and read your post from I think 2009 where the reply was that he wasn't working on a new version. I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to switch from SEO Board if it serves your needs and you don't have too. I can't find it right now, MyBB does import a number of other forum scripts, I don't know if it imports SEO Board if you did want to change.

I use a script called osFaq that the guy puts out to work with osTicket. The two complement each other well yet both are separate.

Of course you may not want to produce an API to work with a forum software that already has a Calendar feature with it.
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at
Posted:  23 Mar 2016 08:44
I am working on a CMS Processwire. It add session to every page by default. so I can not start new session before Embedding. Also I tried to add lc user in current session.But both the session are separate .Calenders session in not getting the values from processwire session.Any other ways??