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Posted:  28 Nov 2012 21:46
Following the documentation from  the 2.7.2 installation Guide under Add a Sidebar with Upcoming Events.  I noticed that when you click on the sidebar event it does not open the event.  Can you include in future releases?

We have tweaked the file
lcsbar.php to add
toolbox.js to add new Function that'/cal/index.php?

Posted:  02 Dec 2012 15:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
We're not convinced that an Upcoming Events list is the right place to allow users to edit or add events.
If for instance a user edits an event and (accidentally) enters the wrong date, the event may disappear from the list and the user will not be able any more to correct the date.
In the mini calendar it's different; here the user can see all events and scroll to different dates.
Posted:  02 Jan 2013 15:37
Guess I didn't think about. I have public Access to View only.  I have Self Registration Disabled.  One of our Admins have to add users to create/edit events.