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Posted:  28 Nov 2012 15:13
First, thank you for working so hard to provide such an excellent product and offering it for free. thump_up

I just installed Luxcal and have been setting it up without problems. biggrin

I found the option screen a little confusing after making my selection. I was looking for an "Ok" button, submit or something. I thought perhaps some glitch of a display issue and when I clicked on "Options" again it closed.

Perhaps you could add either button at the bottom or have the "Options" change to "Done" so people know to click. I've attached a screen shot.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  28 Nov 2012 15:39
Hi Dan,
Thanks for this suggestion. I like your suggested option to change the "Options" button text to "Done".
I will see what I can do.
If you're interested, you could send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) and I will send you a pre-copy of the change shortly.