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Posted:  28 Nov 2012 04:43
I deal with a group of 10,000 or so with deeply uneven tech skills. Some are beyond advanced, others not so much.

Problem - my users aren't intuitively (even with directions) picking up on the triangle button being the way to get to search. Where do I go to replace the triangle with the simple word "search"?
Posted:  28 Nov 2012 12:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
On mouse-over all butons are explained smile

Assuming you are using LuxCal 2.7.2a, to replace the symbols in the taskbar by texts, you should edit the file canvas/header1.php as follows:
at the end of line 85 replace  & #8801;  by the text Tasks
at the end of line 86 replace  & #9744;  by the text Upcoming
at the end of line 87 replace  & #916;  by the text Search

So these lines of code should look like:


    echo '<button type="button" . . . . . . >Tasks</button>n";
    echo '<button type="button" . . . . . . >Upcoming</button>n";
    echo '<button type="button" . . . . . . >Search'."</button>n";

Be careful not to remove any single or double quotes!
Note: These texts are now "hard coded" and will not change if you select a different language.
Posted:  30 Nov 2012 15:09   Last Edited By: Danwestlake
Thank you for posting this.

I replaced the "?" with "Search" the "+" with "Add" (although people should be able to figure out + means add). Since in month view they can see upcoming events and don't use the "Todo List" function I removed (commented out) them which makes some room (6 characters) on the line.

I didn't see anything that would allow me to just disable the Todo function.
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Posted:  01 Dec 2012 04:31
MANY thanks.

This fixed a user issue rather tidily.

Posted:  02 Dec 2012 15:35
I've implemented a change which allows the calendar admin to choose between button icons and button texts.
This change will become available in the next LuxCal version.