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Posted:  27 Nov 2012 11:17
I am sorry if this has been asked before sad

I have managed to get the calendar up & working on my new website biggrin

However my efforts on the sidebar are not so successful...

The page lcsbar.php displays fine on its own, but the problem is embedding it into a new webpage. I have followed to the letter the instructions in the installation page, but all I get is a blank screen. I have tried it as html & php but to no avail. (works!) (doesn't) (doesn't)

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions

Thanks in advance - John
Posted:  27 Nov 2012 14:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,
The fact that the page lcsbar.php displays fine on its own is a good start; it shows that the sidebar on your server works. So there is no reason why it should not work when integrated in your web page.

Your second URL (test1.html) doesn't work because the page is not served through PHP. If you launch the page and look at the source in your browser, you will see that that the PHP tags "<?PHP" and "?>" are sent to the browser as text, whereas they should have invoked the PHP processor. This is because your server has not been told to serve .html pages though PHP. As a matter of fact this is handy for me, because now I can see how you have integrated the sidebar "include" in your page wink

Ok, back again ...

From the source of your URL "test.htm" I saw that to integrate the sidebar you have added the following code to your page:


$sbClass = {sidebar class}; (optional)
$sbHeader = {sidebar title}; (optional)
$sbCatsIn = {list of categories to include}; (optional)
$sbCatsEx = {list of categories to exclude}; (optional)
$sbUsersIn = {list of users to include}; (optional)
$sbUsersEx = {list of users to exclude}; (optional)
include '';

This is not exactly the idea wink As described in the installation_guide.html, section 5b "Explanation of the lines of code", the text indicated as {...} including the braces should be replaced by the appropriate text string between single or double quotes. And the word optional between brackets means that the line of code is optional, but the word optional doesn't belong to the code. I suggest you quickly scan through the "Explanation of the lines of code" to have an idea about the possibilities and then just include into your web page test.php the following code:


$sbHeader = 'Plymouth Upcoming';
include '';

This should already produce a normal sidebar with upcoming events.
You can also leave out the line $sbHeader = ... ; in this case the sidebar title will default to "Upcoming events".

Thereafter you can edit the class "sideBar" in the style sheet to properly position the sidebar and, if you like, change - in the head of the css_sbar.php file - the style of the sidebar to match the style of your web page.

Only if you want to apply filters to the events in the sidebar and maybe add two or more sidebars to the same web page, each with a different filter (like I've done on the LuxSoft's Demo page) you will need (some of) the other parameters ($sbClass, $sbCatsIn, etc.). If you need this, tell me and I will help you.

Please let me know if it works.
Posted:  28 Nov 2012 17:56
Thanks Roel,

It is a fallacy that old age brings wisdom, well it hasn't worked in my case biggrin

Many thanks, will give it a go..

Posted:  28 Nov 2012 18:50   Last Edited By: Roel B.
John, I think you're probably not old enough yet wink
I would suggest: be patient . . . It will come!
Posted:  29 Nov 2012 11:03
You are very kind!

Yes a very elementary mistake, memo to self 'read the instructions...' ohmy