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Posted:  25 Nov 2012 12:44
Hi Roel!

Thank you for a just better and better calendar. smile  I use an own server for a cron job and in 2.5.3 it worked perfect, now when  I upgraded to 2.7.2 it does not work, I can not find where to uncomment in lcalcron.php when the external server is used.

Kind Regards
Posted:  25 Nov 2012 13:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Morgoo,

In the file lcalcron.php comment out line 65 ( if(!empty($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'])){ header("Location: index.php"); exit(); } ).

This line of code prevents "other users" to launch the lcalcron.php script. However, if you launch the file from an other server, then this line should be disabled.
Kind regards,