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Posted:  13 Nov 2012 23:20
Hi Roel,

In day view when you hover over an event in ie8 and ie9 view the hover sometime flickers really fast any idea on how I can get ride of it? it does not do this in google chrome.

Posted:  13 Nov 2012 23:48   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Travis,
This can easily be solved by binning IE; sorry, just kidding.
I've tried to reproduce this problem, but couldn't.
Does this only happen with your calendar, or does it also happen for instance with the calendar on the demo page of the LuxSoft site?
And do you have the same problem on the events in Week view?
These kind of effects often happen when a pop up box, which is normally invisible, pops up and obscures the hover link which caused the pop up. Could it be that you have changed the pop up position of the hover popup box?
Posted:  14 Nov 2012 23:14
Hi Roel,

It happens with my calendar mostly when you have two events 30 mins apart. I couldn't find that on the demo page to test.

it looks like the hover does obscure the hover link. Can you tell me what file and line of code to check to see if I changed the popup location?
Posted:  15 Nov 2012 00:20
The popup box is created, enabled and positioned by/via the popon function in the file common/toolbox.js - see lines 164, 165 and line 169.
The popoff function (line 190) hides it again.
Posted:  15 Nov 2012 19:13
Thank you, I will take a look at that file when i get back from vacation.

Thanks Roel!