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Posted:  13 Nov 2012 23:05   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal version 2.7.2 has several new features and a number of minor improvements and some important bug fixes.The most important new features are:
- New stand-alone side bar showing upcoming events
- Fully flexible date and time formats via the admin's Settings page
- New Vietnamese language pack

Change log:
1. New stand-alone side bar showing upcoming events
A new stand-alone sidebar with upcoming events has been added to the calendar. This sidebar is contained in div-tags and can be easily integrated in your website. The sidebar is very flexible and can be fully tailored to your needs. Via a styles sheet (CSS) the location and size can be set, and the title, the colors and the fonts can be changed.  Filters on event categories and on user ids can be specified and via the admin's settings page several options can be enabled/disabled. Multiple sidebars, each with a different filter, can be added to your webpages.
2. Fully flexible date and time formats
The format of dates and times in there different forms used throughout the calendar headers and pages, are now fully flexible and can be customized on the admin's Settings page.
3. New Vietnamese language pack
The user interface texts have been translated into Vietnamese by Chayote. Most of the admin interface texts and the user guide are still in English.
4. Various minor improvements and bug fixes
- Improved the style for buttons to make buttons display nicer in Chrome and Opera.
- The problem in IE that when printing multiple pages only the first page was printed, has been solved.
- If by the cron job script no changes were found, but email reminders were sent, the email notification summary was wrongly repeated under the Calendar Changes section. This has been solved.
- When selecting "notify now" in the event window, the sent email showed in the "Added by" field the editor instead of the owner. Solved.
- Whenever a date is calculated, the hour is set to 12 to avoid rounding problems in certain circumstances. For instance in Day view to go to the next or previous day.
- Display problem in certain reports of start/end date, start/end time and "all day" fixed.
- Text "No events due in x days" in the RSS feeds has moved to language file and can be specified per language.
- The at sign (@) used as separator between date and time has moved to the language files and can now be set per language.
- Event categories and users can now be selected both via the get and post method; so via a form or via a URL parameter.
- A left-over from the previous Print function caused the new Print capability to only print upcoming events for the day of today.
- When "show details on hovering a mini square" was disabled on the admin's Settings page, the cursor was still displayed as a pointer (hand) when hovering mini squares. Cursor changed to arrow.
- Layout of the event window and event report optimized to avoid long event category names push the time picker out of reach in the event window and to improve the layout of the event report.
- The regular expressions to test email addresses and URR links have been better aligned with standard rfc3696 and have been moved to toolbox.php.